Ticketing Update

Ticketing will begin February 15th!

We’ve pushed back ticketing to February 15th as our web mistress, Audrey, is on vacation and we need her on the clock to make sure we don’t have any technical glitches.

For those who took advantage of early registration, you are eligible for pre-sale ticketing starting February 15th.  Regular ticketing will begin on March 1st. The first two events to be ticketed will be the Welcome Reception at Chateau Frontenac, which will feature haute cuisine and musical performances by  Àdhamh Ó Broin and Elias Alexander, and our Farewell Breakfast at the Hilton which will feature a Question & Answer session with Àdhamh Ó Broin.

We will stagger the release of events over the spring as some of the tickets are dependent on pricing from Les Fêtes de la NouvelleFrance. This is to our benefit, however, as it helps us stagger ticket purchases over a wider time-frame.

We can’t wait to see you in Quebec! We will have a fabulous time.

18 thoughts on “Ticketing Update

  1. Hello, i am very excited for the event, and I see this event that we can get tickets will be open feb 15th. do we know how much this event will be? I could not find a price list.

    1. Each event will have a separate ticket, that way participants can choose what interests them. Here is an outline of what is planned: http://www.outlandishgatherings.com/an-outline-of-the-pricings/ We are still awaiting pricing from Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France–and they won’t have that available to us until late March. Some events will be free (parade/fireworks) but will still be ticketed so that we know how many people to plan on.. the trip to The Montmorency Falls will be free–but folks will need to take a taxi from their hotels. We will be trying to offer an array of pricing and activities…and the fact that we don’t have pricing from the festival yet is actually helpful as it helps spread ticket purchases out. (This is helpful for those of us organizing too! We are all on a budget, like you!) The most costly event is definitely going to be the fancy dress Nobility Ball run by the festival–the estimate is $160 CA – but that includes a five course gourmet meal and wine pairings for each course.

    1. Ha! Thanks Jean! Yes, we want to make sure we keep you up to date on our plans. Audrey will be back from vacation next week, so we expect to have tickets up for our Welcome Reception (which will include performances by dhamh Ó Broin and Elias Alexander) and our Friday Breakfast with Q&A from Àdhamh Ó Broin. Others will follow–as we are waiting on Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France to finalize pricing and availability for their offerings (that won’t happen until the end of March). This, we think, is actually fortuitous in that it will allow us to release tickets to different events over a period of time–which should help people spread purchases out over a longer time period.

  2. I am looking forward to this Gathering with so much anticipation! I can hardly wait to meet others who are as hooked on Outlander as I am. I’m afraid my husband will end up being a little overwhelmed, but I bet he’ll find a bubble of other hubbies to take refuge in.

    1. Lots of hubbies are coming and he won’t feel so overwhelmed, trust me! Boston ended up being really great for the guys last year. It’ll be even better this year! No worries!

  3. I’m trying this morning to purchase tickets to the two events but can’t find where to pay. Is this online somewhere? I’m registered and loged in with my password, and changed my password.

  4. Something is wrong with the time indicated for our posts… the one I just posted above was posted at 8:51 pm EST and not 1:51 pm. Don’t know if this could be important at some point…

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