Tartan Thistle Tee

The thistle, a plant with purple blooms and prickly stems and leaves, is the national emblem of Scotland. 

According to legend, when Norse raiders invaded Scotland in 950 AD, one of them stepped on a thistle as they crept toward a Scottish camp after dark. The resulting cry of pain awoke the Scots, who drove the invaders away and saved Scotland. Be sure to check the drop down menu for a variety of styles and colors, including v-necks, long sleeves, tank tops and hoodies.

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Ships Worldwide
Ships Worldwide


About the Tartan Thistle: the graphic was designed by graphic artist Audrey Landry and is used with permission to raise funds for Outlandish Gatherings 2016. It has previously been used as a fundraiser for Outlanders United to defray travel costs for the 78th Fraser Highlanders, our pipers, and flags and banners.  A portion of the proceeds also went to support Youth Theatre Arts Scotland. This time the design will be used to defray travel costs for special guests Stephen Walters, Grant O’Rourke, Elias Alexander and Adhamh O’Broin. Though the Gathering does raise funds for World Child Cancer – there is a separate fundraising effort underway for charity purposes.


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