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Registration and event ticketing for Outlandish Gathering 2016 in Savannah, Georgia/Tybee Island is being handled via Eventbrite.

Register here:
Savannah River Queen


Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email with informatin on purchasing additional tickets.  A non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee of $150 per person is required to reserve your spot at the Gathering and to enable you to purchase tickets to events. Events will be ticketed over the next few months.  Riverboat Cruise tickets are already live for purchase through March 31st and Shipwreck Party ticketing and optional chartered bus transportation will be up for purchase on March 12th.



79 thoughts on “Register Now!

  1. wow, i am a pain, sorry. I guess i will receive log-in information.
    Do not know where to check, e-mail or on this site.

  2. Hi Audrey, I sent a similar message another route but just doubling down to make sure I can sign up for stuff. I am buying Candi Spencer’s early registration. I have a room reserved at the Frontenac. Husband is coming with but he will not be participating. My email is or @jackieincincy on Twitter. Thanks.

    1. Hey Jackie–April here. Audrey will send you a log in tomorrow when she creates usernames and passwords for the most recent registrants. You’ll be all set! Thanks for the note–I did get your info on our FB page as well. Thank you! x

  3. Hello me again, haven’t received login, not sure how long it takes so just checking. If in progress no worries just want to start ordering tickets.

  4. Hi, no log in information yet, i know you have a lot of work and requests and i did register late, i just want to know if there are still spots available for the Outlandish Breakfast?
    Thank you
    If you send Facebook invite i will join.
    Thank you

    1. Absolutely still room–Dinna fash. Did you happen to register twice, by chance? Audrey has one the may have one that might be a duplicate–I’ve got payment info for only one, however.

      1. Thinking back i may have registered and not gone through with payment, did not know if US funds or Canadian then went back and registered and paid with PayPal, if you need PayPal Transaction ID let me know.
        Thank you

  5. I just checked junk mail was not there not there , if you send again i wii make sure to check more closely. Have also added Outlandish Gathering to address book.
    Sorry for the trouble.

    1. Not sure what “Your Comment is awaiting moderation ” means.( above message)
      So not sure if you got the above message or not, regarding not finding Log In e-mail/info.
      Thank you for your patience.

  6. Hi, sorry to bother you, i have not received log in information as of yet.
    If is not accepting your e-mail (?) please use

    I check junk mail daily
    I have added Outlandish Gathering to address book and
    Have made a special mailbox.

    Thank you again
    I seem to be the only one bothering you,sorry.

    1. Hi–April here….usually Audrey is on registration detail…but I’ll see if I can navigate it for you! I’ll try the other email if I don’t see that the first is working properly.

    2. Hi again! It turned out you had mis-entered your gmail address…leaving off the “l” on gmail….so that’s why nothing was coming through, even when it was resent. I was able to edit that and re-send your data….so hopefully it will make it through. You’ve joined the fB group haven’t you? If so, I’ll try to tag you there to make sure you have received it. Sorry it’s been troublesome for you! – April

      1. I’m all set Thank you for your patience.Now all i have to do is fill in badge information.
        I’ll join Facebook to see if i will buy a ticket to The N Ball, costume i do not have.
        Will be happy to Thank You in person.

  7. Hi. I registered on the cutoff date a couple weeks back and have received no acknowledgement or log-in information. I also sent a message asking to be admitted to the Facebook page and have had no reply.

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