Our Special Guest Appearance!

We have a wee announcement for you!

I am thrilled to announce that, all being well, myself and my wife Lisa will be joining you in Quebec City next summer for 3 days of Scottish Gaelic lore, song and instruction at the Outlandish Gathering 2015. I honestly can’t imagine a better way to spend a few days in a part of the world I have yet to visit. I look forward immensely to meeting you all then!

Le gach deagh dhùrachd ‘s mo ghaol gu léir,

Àdhamh x

Please be advised that there is a small chance that Àdhamh will be required on set during the shooting of Dragonfly in Amber, He has the blessing of the production company and they will do everything they can to work around his commitment to our Outlandish Gathering. Barring circumstances beyond his control, Àdhamh will be our guest of honor next summer!

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adhamh_o_broin_klA fluent Gaelic speaker, Àdhamh was hired by the production company Starz to teach Outlander actors, including Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, key words and phrases used in the bestselling series by author Diana Gabaldon.

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12 thoughts on “Our Special Guest Appearance!

  1. Am looking forward to this event and will help in any way! So excited to possibly meet Adhamh. Hopefully by then I will have mastered Gaelic! Well … hopefully by then I can say hello and my name.

  2. Yes! This is slowly, mind you slowly, helping with the Outlander Hiatus Blues. LOL No, really I know how difficult your jobs are getting vendors, sponsors and participants lined up. It’s a gigantic task and you probably hear more griping than thanking. Been there, done that. Oh, before I forget, do you know when Starz will choose the winner of the person that will do a “walk on” in the series? I’d definitely have to play a mute with my verra Southern accent. THANKS for all you and the other admins do.

  3. Les fêtes de la Nouvelle France is a great gathering/festival I had the chance to go to often over the years since I grew up close to Quebec City. Adding the Gaelic touch will certainly enrich the week of festivities. Hope to be there.

    1. I hope you will be there as well! I’m in Montréal, but my family’s in Quebec City, and I love the Old Quebec… We’ll have a blast, that’s for sure! 🙂

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