New room block at the Hilton Québec

Hiton Hotel Quebec

We have arranged for a room block at the Hilton Québec. The Hilton is located just outside the Old City walls, a quick 15 minute walk to the Château Frontenac!  The hotel is a 20-minute drive from Quebec International Airport. Our room block at Château Frontenac is full.

To book your hotel room at the Hilton Québec, please follow these instructions:

1) Click on the link HERE

2) Select your dates: Arrival August 4th, Departure August 7th, in order to be able to participate to as many activities as we can offer you!

3) Enter the GROUP CODE TO0804


Regular room with 2 doubles or 1 king bed is $199.00 per night, plus taxes. Any additional guests are $25.00 plus taxes each. Therefore if you book a room for 4 people (2 double beds), you are looking at 249$ per night plus tax (pricing is in Canadian dollars). We highly suggest you find yourselves roommates to help bring down individual cost. Plus, honestly, what better way to forge friendships than to room with other Outlanders!

You will NOT be charged until checkout, so do not worry. They will be taking down your credit card number or debit card info to hold the room for you, but you will not be surprised by a bill at the end of the month.


This is what your search should look like. Don't forget to enter the Group Code TO0804!
This is what your search should look like. Don’t forget to enter the Group Code TO0804!

22 thoughts on “New room block at the Hilton Québec

  1. Hi Audry,
    I just registered through Paypal but I cannot log into the Outlandish Gathering site. I think it went through because your list of remaining spot dropped from 35 to 33. (My husband and I are going to celebrate my 50th birthday.) Can you please help clear up this issue.

    Thank you so much,
    Peg Prizer (aka: Margaret Prizer)
    cell 215-534-6217

    1. We are checking to make sure your payment went through.

      As for the login into the website, that is a separate thing. You will need to create your account in order to purchase the various activities that will be ticketed. There is no rush as no activity is yet been available for purchase. It is a way for us to make sure only registrants can access the ticketing page! 🙂

  2. Hi Audrey!!!
    My sister and I found a place right outside the city wall. Would it be a issue to participate in the event if we lodged in another location other than the Hilton or Chateau?

      1. There are plenty of rooms left, I just checked, and there is a wide choice. If you’re having a hard time with their website, just call this number: +1-418-647-2411, and tell them you are with the group Outlandish Gatherings, that the group code is TO0804, and that you wish to stay from August 4th to August 7th. Let me know if you still have issues.

      1. Yes, but it is mostly geared towards families. I don’t recommend that hotel if you’re a couple. Very noisy! 🙂

    1. Just call the hotel, and take the steps I mentioned in my previous comment. If you still want to give their site a try, follow my instructions. You are not supposed to “log in”. You need to select the dates you want to stay at, top right corner, where it says “Arrival” and “Departure”. Click on the small light blue “More Options”. Click on “Add Special Rate Code”. Where you see “Group Code”, enter our code TO0804. Once you entered that, click on Check Rooms And Rates. Voilà! You can choose from a few different rooms.

        1. You can’t yet. You should receive an email eiter tomorrow or Tuesday. We are currently creating membership accounts and the login info will be emailed shortly! 🙂 But no worries, there is no ticketing at the moment.

          1. Got my email tonight! I booked rooms at the Hilton for the discount price. I used the dates August 4th thru August 7th. Now I can sleep at night.

  3. You pinky swear that the Hilton is not far away from any of the Outlandish activities? Also, should we rent a car while there? Love you, mean it.

    1. Oh no! Don’t rent a car! 🙂 The hotel is 20 minutes from the airport and they should have a shuttle for you. Once in Old Quebec, EVERYTHING is walking distance. Old Quebec is a very small town, surrounded by stone walls. You do NOT want to drive around in there, especially during a festival. The streets are very narrow and will be like an ant hill, with all the people walking around! So don’t worry, all activities will be walking distance. I need to warn you that Quebec is a hill, therefore you’ll be doing plenty of exercise! But it’s gorgeous, and very much like parts of Paris!

  4. For those of you that might want to stay at a smaller hotel, very close to the Chateau Frontenac, I have reserved a room for the duration of the Gathering at a very small boutique hotel – The Maison du Fort. I am not familiar with the hotel, but the rates seem very reasonable, the location is perfect and the rooms look lovely. The reviews on Trip Advisor are all good if not great, the only concern, the hotel has 3 floors and no elevator, so if handicap is an issue, the upper floors might not work for you. Just have a look at the website and give the owner/proprietor Marielle a call.

    1. Plenty of those around! And yes, many have no elevators… They are small hotels, in very old buildings (old houses from the 17th-18th century!), with cute corridors that zigzag through the hotel. I love Acadia as one of these. They usually don’t have restaurants but will give you coupons to local breakfast places.

  5. Hi Ladies, just wondering if anyone needs a roommate? I’m still not sure if I’m coming yet, but have my registration. I will probably know if I’m for sure coming in February at the absolute latest.

    1. Hey Alli! I would probably post this on the Outlandish Gatherings Facebook page. It will be seen by more people and we can help you spread the word there!

      1. Hi AUDREY,
        Done ;). Also quick question, if I purchase all the events, are we able to get them reassigned if I don’t end up coming?

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