Outlandish Gatherings 2015 Fundraiser #1

Help us raise funds for the 2015 Outlandish Gathering in Quebec City!

Outlanders, we need your help! There is a tremendous amount of planning for such a huge event. Regular registration closed on December 15th 2014 with over 200 members (you may still register if you haven’t already, so long as there are spots left!). Aside from contracts with hotels, cocktail menus, contracts with the Festival planners and reservations for particular activities, we have three guests to pay for: the Outlander set’s Gaelic consultant Àdhamh O’Broin and his wife, and our own fantastic piper, Elias Alexander.

The registration fees that we’ve amassed so far are a great help, but in order to defray event costs, we need you!

This is one of many fundraisers that will take place in the coming months. Even if you are not attending the event, please help us raise funds by making a contribution. We have lots of great prizes up for grabs to those who donate! A total of twelve (12) scarves will be given away, selected by random from the names of contributors as a thank you for donations. You can increase the number of times your name appears in the drawing–once, five times, or ten times, by increasing your contribution.

Our Goal for Fundraiser #1: $250.00
Your total donations: $505.00


Fundraiser #1 –  January 21th – February 7th

12 beautiful cowls knitted by our very own Karen Boilard.
Hand knitted “Claire” infinity scarf cowls can be twisted in the front or the back for different looks. Colored Cowls and long faux “fur” are 100% Acrylic and short hair faux “fur” cowls have 50% wool. Twelve (12) scarves will be given away, selected at random from the list of contributors.
Available colours: 1 brown short fur, 1 long sable fur, 1 black long fur, 3 Catriot blues, 2 tweed black and 2 tweed browns, 2 greys.

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10917112_10202480676338101_3084636435822749739_n 10923472_10202480686498355_5152382161460901213_n 10929100_10202480711498980_3273447393786735508_n

The winners will need to cover shipping, payable via PayPal to Karen Boilard (she will contact the winners privately).
While we cannot guarantee color/style, we will try to honor winners’ preferences if possible.

17 thoughts on “Outlandish Gatherings 2015 Fundraiser #1

  1. I can not attend your wonderful event this year but I would like to help others to enjoy. Can I send Karen a check for raffle tickets?

    1. You can pay Paypal. It’s verified and safe. But if you don’t trust it, and if she’s ok with it, I think it can be arranged! 🙂
      Thank you, Hope!

  2. ypu put so much time into the web site and events it is totally amazing! Just bought 5 raffles via PayPal safe and instant lol

  3. Hello, dearies!

    I would truly, really, honestly…like to join you in the Quebec City and I hope I will , along with my family. Regardless of whether I would manage or not, I gave my humble contribution. Just wanted to point out that, when you see the name: Bojan Mitrovic, that’s me! My hubby, more precisely. :)) So, Bojan Mitrovic = Ivana Mitrovic

    1. Good to know! Thanks! We hope you will be able to join us too! I’m bringing my family up from Boston–we will be driving from here. 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  4. Continuation…
    I guess it wasn’t enough space for the whole text.
    I just wanted to wish you a luck with the fundraiser and thank you for all your efforts in organizing such a (and I’m sure it will be) wonderful gathering!

    1. Thanks so much for your support! It’s appreciated! The team is working hard–and we hope you will all be happy with what we have planned!

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