An outline of the pricing

Although we do not have all 2015 pricing from our vendors yet, we do have some ballpark pricing that we wish to share with you. Wherever possible, we will negotiate group pricing and are doing our best to keep costs reasonable. We are working hard to keep prices as low as possible while hosting quality events.

We will update pricing as information becomes available.  We anticipate pricing and information from Les Fetes de La Nouvel France in early April.

All pricing is in US dollars as our banking is done through American banking/PayPal accounts (view current exchange rate here)


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The late registration fee is US$75 per person – this amount will go toward registration materials (lanyard/badge/programs/swag), administrative costs (signage, web maintenance, bank fees, room & equipment rental charges), and to pay the expenses to bring in our very special guest(s).

Late registration will end April 15, 2015.


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La Grande Soirée de Bienvenue

Immerse yourself in French culture as we enjoy nouvelle cuisine overlooking the St. Laurent River at Old Quebec City’s landmark hotel, Le Château Frontenac.

This elegant grand reception will allow us time to get to mix and mingle with new friends and old and will culminate with stories, song & musical entertainment from our special guests Àdhamh O’BroinGillebrìde MacMillan and Elias Alexander.

$80 per person  now ticketing


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Charity Walk

Charity Fun Walk on the Plaines D’Abraham:
$30 per person (includes T-shirt)


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Nobility Ball

(Hosted by Les Fêtes de La Nouvelle France)
Step back in time in your finest 18th Century attire! All guests in attendance at this elegant affair are required to attend in period costume. (Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with suggestions on costume rentals!) Renowned caterer Le George V will be serving a first class five-course meal with wine pairings tailored to compliment each dish. In addition to the nouvelle cuisine, you’ll be treated to entertainment in keeping with the theme.
$160 per person, plus taxes

(THIS WILL NOT CHANGE – LIMITED AVAILABILITY and will sell out. We are awaiting availability from  Les Fêtes de La Nouvelle France)


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For access to all venues and most activities (such as the Fireworks), the official SAQ New France festival pass is required:
$10 per person, plus taxes (We are awaiting availability from  Les Fêtes de La Nouvelle France.)


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Ghost Tour:

If the Nobility Ball is too rich for your blood, how about a blood chilling ghost tour instead? After the summer sun has set, and darkness has fallen, spend an hour-and-a-half with the ghost of a famous criminal dating back to the times of La Nouvelle France. Your ghostly host will regale you with dark stories that will unveil the wretched crimes, arrests and executions that happened here centuries ago. Your guide will lead you through the sordid and hidden history of Old Quebec.
$25 per person, plus taxes (Pricing varies depending on the tour selected. We will update the information as soon as possible.)


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River Cruise Details & Pricing TBD (We are awaiting availability from  Les Fetes de la Nouvelle France)


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Montmorency Falls

Le Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is located just outside Québec City. Located between the river and the cliffs, it’s one of the province’s most spectacular sites. Dominating the landscape at a height almost 100 feet taller than Niagara Falls, the cataract of Montmorency Falls is 272 feet (83 meters) high. Discover an impressive and enchanting spot!

A roundtrip gondola to the top of the falls and back is $13 a person.
Guests should arrange transportation by taxi to and from the Falls.


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Speak Outlander Breakfast

Want to learn what goes on behind the scenes on the set at Outlander? Join us at the Quebec Hilton for a private Question & Answer Breakfast with Outlander’s Gaelic Instructor, Àdhamh O’Broin.

Àdhamh will answer all of your burning questions about the production, Scottish history and heritage, and will provide a primer on the Gaelic language. Participants who wish to take a photograph with Àdhamh will have the opportunity to do so.

$35 per person adult
$14 per child under 14
(includes all taxes and gratuities) Now Ticketing


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Possible Additions Still Under Consideration:
Outmanders’ Golf Outing
Whisky Tasting
Absinthe Tasting
Period Weaponry Demonstrations


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54 thoughts on “An outline of the pricing

  1. Audrey, quand pourra-t-on faire l’achat de billet pour le bal? C’est un événement qu’on ne veut pas rater.

    When can we purchase tickets to the ball? It’s an event we don’t want to miss!

    1. Non, je comprends! Mais tu auras ta place, c’est certain, car tu a acheté ton pré-enregistrement, right?

      For the Bal, ticketing will surely not happen before the month of March. Some of the activities, we’ll be able to ticket before, but the biggest ones held by the Fêtes won’t be available before March, because their official 2015 program doesn’t come out before then. My contact at the Fêtes told me to get in touch with her again in January so we can start planning more efficiently.

      1. Oui, oui! L’enregistrement est fait et on sera au bal, c’est certain. J’ai un rappel dans mon calendrier pour le mois de janvier. On ne veut rien rate 🙂

        Yes! Pre-registration is done and we’ll be at the ball, for sure. I’ve put a reminder in my agenda, so I don’t miss signing up early 🙂

  2. I am planning on going to the ball but I also want to do the ghost tour. In fact, I’d like to do everything. Can you do a bundle so that when the time comes to buy tickets I can just pay one fee and all of it is covered? If that isn’t possible, I still want to do the ghost tour, so could one be planned on a different night? Or is that something we can do on our own? VERY excited!!!!!!

    1. We will need to look into that… It’s more easy for us to do individual ticketing, because not all activities will be released at the same time. As for the Ghost Tour, it was planned to be the same night as the Nobility Ball, but we’ll see if we can move it so that you can attend all activities! If anything, we will give the option to book on your own, with the contact information.

    1. Nothing is being ticketed right now. We are still negotiating a menu with the hotel. As soon as something is ticketed, we’ll make an announcement. Right now, we are going through our list of registrants and sending out the account information, so that everyone that has registered can access the member only pages.

      1. Hey Audrey, Can’t wait to meet you and thank you for ye patience with all of us crazed fans. LOL. We really want to attend the welcome dinner, so from your post above it looks like we’ll be notified if we want to go ahead and pay the $85 per person. Unless we can do it now? You loving pest, Deana Hervey
        Over and Out

        1. Nothing is being ticketed right now. Just yesterday, we got more news from our contact at the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, with many new activities and surprises! It will be SO MUCH fun! But we need to negotiate prices still, so nothing will be available to purchase until we settle on our formal schedule. We’ll keep you posted, no worries! 🙂

    1. We decided on doing the Gathering in Quebec City, which is as close as we can get to a Paris look-alike (for Dragonfly in Amber). That being said, we chose these dates because there is a Festival going on at that time in Quebec City, which is all about the 17th-18th century life and reenactments. It fits our group perfectly! So aside from the usual tourist stuff, we are negotiating special activities just for our group with the Festival… It will be great fun! So to answer your question, our Gathering will be held during the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, and we’ll be participating in many of their planned events.

      1. Will there also be outlandish style parts of the program? I mean tea, or scottish music or a sneak preview of season two (grins and wishes). I mean the main reason I am coming is for Outlander, i wouldn’t go just for the other festival. I also wondered if anyone has contacted Terry D as she might be interested in all the 18th century costuming that there will be with the Nouvelle France group as well. It could be an added lure. I know its during production but a flight is quite fast to get here and back for a day and I am sure she has people under her who could take care of things for 24 hours. Just hoping again.

        I also haven’t received my email yet from registration. The hotel tells me I am booked but not here yet,.

        1. Hi Michele,
          You should have received an email today, confirming your registration, with your account info. You now have an account to access member pages. We have no member pages yet (these will be ticketing pages, and no activity has been ticketed yet), but you will need that account info in order to log in later. Let me know if it’s not in your trash/spam folder, and we’ll resend it!

          This is an Outlander gathering, so yes, plenty of Scottish parts! We have our talented piper, Elias, who will be with us, along with Outlander’s very own Gaelic tutor, Àdhamh O Broin. Àdhamh will be performing, storytelling, folklore sharing for the entire duration of the gathering. We’ll make sure to invite you to visit the Plaines d’Abraham, where Lord John fought with General Wolfe! So yes, plenty of parts that will relate to Outlander and Scotland during our event.

          Terry knows about this Gathering, but she will be working hard on Season 2, and therefore won’t be able to attend. It is still a long flight (about 10 hours, since there are no Scotland-Quebec direct flights), with plenty of jet lag to be had, and 24 hours is not enough to contend with! So unfortunately, she will not be taking part.

          Let us know if you have any other questions!

          1. Hi Audrey,

            Still no email. My email addy is michele dot collett at and the registration is under the name John Davis or Kay, pretty sure John though. He put my email because i am the nut over outlander. He is reading the book kicking and screaming, still in Inverness in the 40’s and I hope he enjoys it when he hits the 1700’s

  3. I am achimg for a reveal on thise other special activities. It’s almost as bad as having to wait for the second half of season one. 🙂

    1. Well, we just got news of them, so now we are negotiating pricing. We’ll soon have a fully structured schedule, with individual pricing! 🙂

  4. Please clarify: Which venue will host the Nobility Ball.
    p.s. all this French is making my head hurt. I will be a fish out of water in Quebec!

    1. We don’t know yet. Our contact will divulge everything in January. As far as the French goes, Quebec City is very bilingual, so I wouldn’t worry much! Plus, it’ll be nice to ‘feel’ as though you were in Paris, not necessarily understanding everything you here! It’ll be part of the whole experience!

      1. Audrey – just checking in. Had a bad fall, cracked my head and have been out of the loop for a while now and still more to come. I’m on “cognitive rest” which means limited tv/computer use. Miss all my Outlander family. Is all going okay and coming together as you planned? Have a happy new year.

        1. I’m so sorry you’re going through something like this! Hope you get some rest and feel better soon!
          All is going as planned! We’ll be starting raffles and ticketing soon!
          Take care!

          1. The raffles will be open to everyone, even if they are not going to the Gathering. These will be to raise money to help cover expenses. They will start soon, one at a time.
            The tickets will be for the various activities. As mentioned in previous posts, most of the activities’ tickets will need to be purchased. These won’t be available for another few weeks, and we will not have them available for purchase all at the same time.

    1. That, I’m afraid, I can’t really help. You’ll need to shop around. Try, or similar websites. You might get a few specials once in a while, and get lucky! 🙂

  5. Audrey, could you update this with more recent information? Now that ticketing has begun, it’s difficult to decide what to spend money on now if we don’t know the cost of what’s coming up for ticketing later 🙂

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