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Outlandish Gatherings is an annual gathering for fans of the Outlander books and television series. Registration for our 3rd Annual Gathering in Savannah, Georgia is underway.  Join us October 7-10, 2016 for a Voyager themed 4-day Gathering in this beautiful, historic coastal city. Our host hotel is the upscale Hyatt Regency which overlooks the Savannah River and is situated among the shops on River Street. It is a short walk to the historic district.

Featured events will include a private dinner aboard a riverboat as we cruise the Savannah River aboard the Savannah Queen, a daytrip to nearby Tybee Island for their annual Pirate Fest, followed by a catered Shipwreck Party at Tybee Island Light Station.  Since Savannah has a reputation as the second-most haunted city in America, we will also be hosting private tours to investigate the paranormal history of the city.  As we do every year, we will have a charity fundraiser to benefit our charity partner, World Child Cancer and a farewell luncheon.  There will be plenty of time for participants to enjoy the sights, sounds and southern hospitality of  the “Hostess City of the South.”

Our first annual gathering was Outlandish Boston, a 3-day event in May 2-4, 2014, attended by 115 fans from across the United States and Canada.  The weekend featured a whisky tasting, ceilidh, charity auction, a ghost tour, a fundraising walk along Boston’s Freedom Trail, high tea, an authentic Scottish dinner, Duckboat tour, luncheon at America’s oldest restaurant, and more. In 2015 we hosted 200 Outlander fans for a Dragonfly in Amber Gathering in Quebec City that featured even more activities including a Castle Tour dinner at the breathtaking Le Château Frontenac followed by Scottish musical performances from Adhamh O’Broin, Gillebride MacMillan and Elias Alexander.  We enjoyed Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, a Ghost Tour, scenic trip to North America’s tallest waterfall, Chutes Montmorency, and a history walk to the Plains of Abraham/fundraiser for World Child Cancer, and a Gaelic breakfast featuring Outlander’s Gaelic Coach, Adaham O’Broin.  A particular highlight was our participation in an 18th Century costumed Nobility Ball.

Outlandish Gathering events are organized by April Steele, Jennifer Veach, Audrey Landry, and Trisha Mandel. The organization was founded in August, 2013, filed business papers in the state of Massachusetts in November 2013 and was incorporated as an LLC in November 2014. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @OutlandishGath.

April Steele

April Steele is a marketing and events planner and professional writer from Boston, MA. She has been an Outlander fan since 1991 and has been reading and re-reading the series ever since. In addition to Outlandish Gatherings, April manages Caitrionation, the Outlander fan group for actor Caitriona Balfe — the star of the Outlander TV series — and Outlandish Boston, a regional fan group that schedules frequent meet ups for anyone within driving distance. She enjoys Scotch tastings, men in kilts, and the sound of bagpipes. Her favorite book in the series is A Dragonfly in Amber. Or Voyager. She can’t decide.

Email April:  april@outlandishgatherings.com

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Jennifer Veach

Jennifer Veach is a Registered Nurse and event planner from Richwood, Ohio. She has been an Outlander fan since 2010. Her favorite book is Voyager. In addition to Outlandish Gatherings, Jennifer is an administrator for the OH-landers, Outlandish Boston and Outlanders United. Jennifer is a whisky and wine enthusiast. She enjoys shopping for tartan and loves to read, hike and travel. Jennifer hiked Mt. LeConte in 2013, completed a Tough Mudder in 2014, and marched in the NYC Tartan Day Parade in 2015. Her motto is YOLO.

Email Jennifer:  jennifer@outlandishgatherings.com

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Audrey Landry

Audrey Landry is a professional graphic designer, artist and francophone from Montreal, Canada. In addition to Outlandish Gatherings, she is also an administrator for Caitrionation. She enjoys Highland Park 18 or any other smoky/peaty Scotch, thinks kilts should be mandatory for all men, and knows how to tie a mean blue ribbon. She’s a photobomber extraordinaire and will rarely take a serious photograph. She thinks a life without traveling is no life at all. Audrey’s favorite books in the series are Outlander and Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Email Audrey:  audrey@outlandishgatherings.com

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Trisha Mandel

Trisha Mandel is a Software Quality Assurance Manager at McGraw Hill Education in Boston, MA. Trisha is originally from NY, but moved to MA for college and never looked back (20 years and counting). She has been an Outlander fan since 2004 and has re-read the series at least 5 times, and will continue to re-read before each new book in the series is released. Trisha is also an admin for Outlandish Boston. She was a last minute addition to the 1st gathering in Boston but has since been one of the first to sign up for any and all events planned. Trisha loves to read and is never without a book on her kindle. She also loves to color and has at least 6 different adult coloring books that are constantly being used–including the new Outlander coloring-book.

Email Trisha: trisha@outlandishgatherings.com

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15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello! I just tried to reserve rooms at the Chateau Frontenac and when I put in the dates of August 4-7, 1 room, 2 guests, it told me no lodging was available. Do you know if the rooms are sold out by any chance? I could call, but was trying to take the easy way out and do it online 🙂


    1. The rooms at the Frontenac are sold out (at our negotiated rate). We WILL have a new link up this week to another hotel. We’ve just negotiated a new room block at a hotel situated 15 minutes by foot from the Frontenac. We’ll be posting soon!

  2. Hello Audrey,
    I’ve worked as an event planner in Qc City for years now and have worked in the hotel business as well. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me ! I would be more than pleased to collaborate as I am a huge Outlander fan and will be registering for this year’s gathering. I could probably find more passionate volunteers to help out with registration and such…
    Let me know ! Josee

    1. Thank you, Josée! Yes, of course, we’ll contact you! I’m from Montreal, have family in QC city, and have visited countless times. But it’s always nice to have other heads to help out. When the time comes, we will be needing volunteers that know the area, to help guide our members to the various events. I’ll keep a fellow Quebecer in mind, for sure! Now, go register! Ça va être malade comme évènement! 🙂

      1. It’s done, I’ve registered. Tu peux donc officiellement compter sur moi, n’hésites pas ! J’ai déjà travaillé au Château Laurier donc avec le Georges V et je travaille régulièrement avec différents hôtels de la région si tu as besoin d’un coup de pouce pour négocier des blocs de chambres.

        It’s my first gathering so I’m overly excited at meeting all these new people who are passionate about the same thing I am ! I can’t wait 🙂

  3. Hi !, I asked you to be a member of your site and this is the only way I found to send a message to accompany that request. You see I live 2½ hours away from Quebec city and I love going there.
    I’m thinking of taking a room a bit further away but there are buses going that way quite regularly.
    Plus I would like to help you in any way I can, being close and all. Hoping for a quick response.

    1. Have you registered for the event? The only way you can become a member is by registering for our event next August. The members will have access to the ticketing pages.

  4. Hi Audrey!
    I don’t know how or why but I just discover tonight there will be an Outlander Gathering in my own hometown..!!! I just registered, of course I don’t want to miss it! J’ai vraiment hâte de voir ça!! 😉

    I have a few scottish ideas and suggestions for that week end that I ‘d like to share with you. Je connais des musiciens celtiques et cornemusiers entre autres.. I don’t work in the same domain as Josée, so if I can be of any help, please let me know!

    I think it’s a great idea to mix the Gathering and the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France together!
    Keep up the good work! 🙂


    1. YAY! Well, we have our own piper who will be with us the entire length of the gathering, so we got that covered! But we will need volunteers, so as we get closer to the date, we will surely keep you in mind! We’d love any suggestions if you want. Just send us a message on the Outlandish Gatherings Facebook page!

  5. Hi Audrey,
    I think I saw that you live around Montreal and so do I (south shore), I’m looking to try scottish food and wonder if you could recommend a good place to start. Plus, I would so love to be a volunteer. I am registered already but it’s the first time I think to offer. I’m so excited about all this, and although I have no particuler knowledge to bring, I’m very interested and can be quite efficient ( efficace en français).

    1. Hi! So happy you’ll join us!
      We’ll let people know when we need volunteers, a little closer to the gathering. We’ll need help, for sure!
      As for Scottish restaurants… I don’t know any in the Montreal region. Let me ask around, and I’ll get back to you!

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