An outline of the pricing

Although we do not have all 2015 pricing from our vendors yet, we do have some ballpark pricing that we wish to share with you. Wherever possible, we will negotiate group pricing and are doing our best to keep costs reasonable. We are working hard to keep prices as low as possible while hosting quality events.

We will update pricing as information becomes available.  We anticipate pricing and information from Les Fetes de La Nouvel France in early April.

All pricing is in US dollars as our banking is done through American banking/PayPal accounts (view current exchange rate here)


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The late registration fee is US$75 per person – this amount will go toward registration materials (lanyard/badge/programs/swag), administrative costs (signage, web maintenance, bank fees, room & equipment rental charges), and to pay the expenses to bring in our very special guest(s).

Late registration will end April 15, 2015.


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